Haloodies launches Cooked Chicken Range in Tesco

Haloodies launches new Ready to Eat Cooked Chicken Range in Tesco

Millennial Muslims can now enjoy a brand new range of seven, ready to eat, 100% chicken breast products in 46 Tesco stores across England and Tesco Online


Haloodies (Halal Foodies) is the Muslim-owned halal food brand aimed at millennial Muslims. Today, Haloodies is launching seven lines of its new cooked chicken range in 46 Tesco stores across Greater London, the Midlands and North West and through Tesco Online.

Key Points

  • Seven lines of ready to eat, cooked chicken made with 100% chicken breast and naturally high in protein
  • Battered, coated and marinated products ideal for lunch, dinner and snacking occasions
  • Creating a new core category of cooked meats, not seen before in halal in the UK
  • Supported with the UK’s largest ever marketing campaign for a halal brand


A new core range for millennial Muslims

Although cooked meats are a long established core range for non-halal consumers, it is a completely new category for halal consumers. Currently available chilled processed poultry typically use mechanically separated meat and are heavily preserved.

Mr Imran Kausar, Haloodies Co-Founder and Managing Director of KKR Halal Ltd, which owns the Haloodies brand, said “We are really excited to be launching our new Haloodies lines into Tesco and expect to create a new core range. As Muslims don’ t consume ham, we expect cooked chicken products to represent the majority of the sales in the cooked meats category. Tesco takes approximately 50p in every pound of food sales by halal consumers in major supermarkets and is the supermarket of choice for the halal consumer.”

“We are supporting the launch of our new range with largest ever marketing campaign for a halal focused brand. This will include a brand advert, a range of 60 second recipe videos, a highly targeted social media campaign and London centric outdoor media campaign”. He added, “Our ambition is very clear: To improve the quality of halal products for those who consume it and cement Haloodies as the most trusted halal brand. Millennial halal consumers know there is a shortage of quality halal products. Overall, we are about 30 years behind the mainstream offering in terms of product quality and brand appearance”

Cooked chicken – a convenient answer for millennial Muslims

Mr Noman Khawaja, Haloodies Co-Founder and Sales Director of KKR Halal said “Tesco has, once again, taken the lead in understanding the needs of the customer and has moved rapidly to bring our new range onto stores shelves.”

“Our innovative new cooked range is very customer focused in what we want to deliver. We only use 100% chicken breast, which is naturally high in protein and is ready to eat which meets a convenience need. Our launch range has been selected to allow millennial Muslims usage across multiple meal occasions, lunch, dinner and snacking. It is also ideal for working mums and dads who need quick and healthy solutions for themselves and the family. We have worked hard to achieve an everyday RRP of between £2.00 – £2.50 per pack and paid attention to our branding to ensure halal brands can be as attractive as mainstream brands”

“Responding to our customer’s religious preferences, we use hand slaughtered chicken for our new range, that is reversibly stunned to provide maximum welfare.”

“We are also engaged in discussions with other retailers who have expressed a strong interest in the range and expect to grow the range quickly. We have already commenced NPD work into new products and packaging formats.

Pioneers in halal meat provision/ Mainstreaming halal meat

Launched in 2014 as a spin-off from the incredibly successful and innovative Halal Food Festival consumer food show at the Excel in 2013, Haloodies immediately launched a range of pre-packed fresh chicken, lamb and beef with online retailer Ocado. This was the first ever halal meat brand for the online grocer where it has been growing in sales ever since. In 2014, Haloodies also became the first ever halal meat brand to introduce a fresh range with Harrods, available during the summer months to coincide with the rise in number of Middle Eastern visitors to the city. In June 2016 Haloodies launched a range of 16 lines with online retailer AmazonFresh. The company aspire to create the first global halal food brand.

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Notes to Editor:

Haloodies was set up by Imran Kausar and Noman Khawaja, a British Doctor and Dentist, driven by Imran’s aspiration as a young man growing up in Glasgow, Scotland to improve the quality, appearance and standing of halal to match its status in the Qu’ran. The duo launched the brand to meet the needs of Muslims in the UK who possess an increasing desire to know more about the food they eat and are constantly disappointed by the poor quality and range of products on offer. Most current halal brands were developed for first generation settlers or are owned by non-Muslims with a poor understanding of halal customers’ needs.

The UK’s 3 million Muslims are young (50% are under the age of 30), value convenience and well-presented modern brands that reflect their identity and values. Due to parental emphasis on further education, a new Muslim middle class has emerged with needs that remain broadly unmet. The UK halal market is worth about £2.6Bn per annum and Ramadan has now become the third most important religious event in the supermarket calendar after Christmas and Easter. UK Muslim spending power is estimated at over £20Bn.

Research commissioned by Haloodies from Kantar Worldpanel, shows that halal consumers shopping in mainstream supermarkets are significantly younger and more affluent compared to overall grocery shoppers. They spend more per basket but shop less frequently. Sales of halal food have increased by 98% from Sept 14 to Sept 15, driven by increasing shopper frequency due to increases in halal ranges and stores with halal sections. 51% of halal food sales are through Tesco with Sainsbury’s in second place with 20% market share. Cooked poultry represents 17% of non-halal poultry sales in supermarkets but this segment didn’t exist in halal prior to the launch of the new Haloodies cooked chicken range.

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