Fresh Halal Chicken, Beef and Lamb

Fresh Halal Meat from UK SuppliersBRC AA Grade Fresh Halal Chicken

Our fresh meat comes from suppliers across the UK, Ireland and the EU and is processed and packed by DB Foods Ltd in their BRC AA grade, dedicated, halal facility in Poole, Dorset. Our halal accreditation is provided by Halal Consultations.


Our free range beef and lamb comes from the UK and Ireland and are from farms that meet EU standards for animal welfare. All slaughterhouses have halal approvals and we use experienced butchers to get our renowned fillets and sirloin steaks.

Key halal features:

  • Our farmers let their animals graze on grass pasture, our cattle/lambs are not barn raised
  • All animals are reversibly stunned before slaughter to ensure maximum animal welfare
  • All animals are hand slaughtered


We only use Grade A chickens that come from selected farms in the UK and EU.

Key halal features:

  • Our chickens are barn raised to EU welfare standards
  • Our chickens are not fed GMO or antibiotic growth promoters
  • Our chickens are reversibly stunned
  • Our chicken is both manually and mechanically slaughtered

Haloodies’ knows that you can’t make a good meal without the finest ingredients.  We offer a range of first-class, genuine 100% halal chicken products as part of our award-winning range of halal meat and poultry.  

So, why is our halal chicken different?  

Well, at Haloodies’ we are obsessed with quality.  It sits at the core of our passion for food.  (Did we mention we love food?)  We’ve spent more than five years dedicating ourselves to raising the standards of halal by providing the best, fresh, clean and wholesome (tayyib) chicken in a range of the most popular cuts.  Our chicken reflects Muslim values at each stage of the process.  Haloodies’ methods are always carried out by practising Muslims.  Our fresh chicken is processed and packed in a dedicated halal facility in the UK.  Haloodies’ halal chicken is always Grade A, and only ever comes from farms that meet EU standards for animal welfare.   Unfortunately, like non-halal manufacturers, there are some companies in the mass food industry who seek to save time and money when it comes to the quality of the halal they sell.  At Haloodies, we never compromise on quality.  We started with the same mission we hold today: to be the most trusted provided of halal in the UK.  As well as adhering to the fundamental method of ensuring butchers are practising Muslims, there are other Islamic instructions to follow.  The knife, for example, must not be sharpened in the animal’s presence; the animal must not be in an uncomfortable position; the blade must be free of blemishes so not as to tear the wound – details that are vital aspects of ethics as much as law.  Haloodies’ is accredited by Halal Consultations, which provides validation and certification of authenticity of halal meat, poultry and foodstuffs in the UK, guaranteeing that halal foods are suitable for consumption in accordance with traditional Islamic law.  Products that are certified are usually marked with the familiar Arabic حلال or letter M. 

At Haloodies’, we believe staunchly in the value of tayyib too.  Islam places great importance on tayyib, which constitutes sustainable living and kindness to animals.  We recognise that halal is not just about the moment of slaughter, but the life that the animal’s led.  Animals and birds should be raised to maximum welfare, free to roam and remain untreated with antibiotics or hormones.  Our chickens are never pumped with water or additives, or with harmful preservatives that are sadly common in a lot of meat and chicken.  

Halal has come a long way since the 1950s and 60s when it was newly available at very few hard-to-find, independent shops and restaurants in big cities.  Thankfully, trusted brands have made it their mission to make halal chicken more readily available to everyone.  We, at Haloodies’, have made the finest quality halal chicken widely accessible both in major supermarkets and online.  We believe in convenience.  Buying quality chicken in a range of cuts shouldn’t be an added stress.  It shouldn’t mean a search in the supermarket.  It shouldn’t mean travelling further afield.  And it shouldn’t mean eating into the precious time we have to ourselves, and the time we want to spend with family and friends.  Convenience is a big part of our philosophy, because it is an important part of challenging difference in itself; as well as helping us to eat more healthily, giving us more time, and reducing stress and unnecessary costs.  Haloodies’ has made an enormous positive impact on the wider community through providing high-quality halal chicken and meat to people across the country (we’ve even won a sought-after award for it: the “Spirit of Britain Award” at the British Muslim Awards 2017).  Being able to find high-quality meat and poultry for delicious dinners matters.  It matters a lot.  And we are proud and glad that you have trusted us with the responsibility of giving you the best.  

Our halal chicken range includes sizeable and succulent whole chickens, as well as generous and juicy legs, breast and thighs.  We also sell diced breast meat and diced thighs to make cooking curries and stews simpler.     

Chicken is one of our most popular products.  Chicken dishes are loved the world-over.  It is, after all, the world’s most popular meat.  Where would we be without it?  Without the curries, tagines, stir-fries, chicken on skewers, soups, tacos, chicken salads, roast dinners, and more?  At Haloodies’, we love experimenting with traditional chicken recipes and new ones from world cuisines.  The versatile chicken works with an infinite number of flavours.  Check out our blog and recipes sections for more chicken inspiration, as well as some good advice on how to keep chicken moist when cooking, inject the most flavour into the meat as possible, and how to cook the perfect roast halal chicken.  


The vast majority (appox 80%) of halal meat in the UK is stunned prior to slaughter. We accept that some Muslims in the UK prefer to eat meat from animals that have not received stunning prior to slaughter, and that choice must always be available under UK law. Many Muslims who choose meat from unstunned animals are often doing this based on flawed, incomplete or biased information. It should be noted that most global halal certification agencies accept reversible stunning (often referred to as stun to immobilise or controlled immobilisation) based on Islamic juristic opinions.

Our position is driven by scientific studies which show objectively that animals suffer less as a result of stunning and that stunning can be performed in a reversible manner, leaving the animal revivable and unharmed.

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