We have searched long and hard to find a supplier of our cooked chicken range that met our rigorous Haloodies requirements and we are delighted to partner with CP Foods.

CP Foods is a global, vertically integrated agro-food business headquartered in Thailand and is one of the world's largest poultry producers. By being vertically integrated it means that they manufacture chicken feed, raise poultry in their own farms, then slaughter and further process poultry in their own facilities.

CP Foods has been manufacturing halal poultry since the 1970's and exports halal products to many Muslim countries by conforming to strict halal standards. Their poultry facilities in Thailand are halal certified by CICOT (Central Islamic Committee of Thailand) which is recognised by JAKIM (the Department of Islamic Development) in Malaysia.

To be entirely satisfied (one difference that being Muslim owned makes) the Haloodies team visited the facility where our products are manufactured and personally met with the halal slaughtermen. We were delighted to learn about the high standard of halal processes they adhere to which includes building an on-site mosque to ensure slaughtermen can pray regularly. In addition to halal slaughtermen, they have halal supervisors who are on-site daily.

Key halal features:

  • Chickens are fed on a vegetarian only diet (not always the case in the UK)
  • Chickens are not given any GMO's or growth promoting antibiotics
  • Chickens are raised in climate controlled barns with natural light and more space to roam than typically found in the UK/EU
  • Chickens are given a recoverable stun to ensure maximum welfare
  • Chickens are hand slaughtered
  • All ingredients used in further processing (e.g marinades, coatings) are separately halal certified

Once the products reach the UK, the CP Foods (UK) facility also has its own halal certification by Halal Food Authority.

We are confident that the halal methods and processes are amongst the best we have ever seen and meet our standards.