What makes Haloodies better than other fresh meat products?

At HALOODIES we've made sure we have listened to our customers to provide them with exactly what they need. We understand a busy lifestyle for you means convenience is a must, but without compromising on quality. HALOODIES delivers fresh and wholesome halal meat by adhering to halal standards and UK and EU welfare legislation. We have a team of butchers at our BRC A grade facility who cut and process the meat to strict specifications maintaining high quality control standards. All this means that your HALOODIES product will look fantastic, smell fresh, and taste great. We take great care in making sure each product is carefully checked before it leaves our factory. You can trust HALOODIES to provide you with quality fresh halal meat every time

What assurances are there for animal welfare?

All meat packed for the Haloodies range of products is supplied by Halal approved suppliers that meet UK and EU welfare legislation. Animal welfare is of the highest priority to all at Haloodies.

Is your fresh meat free range?

All our Beef and Lamb is free range.