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When we think of Mexican food, we think of tacos, tostadas and quesadillas, right?  Unsurprisingly, Mexican home cooking is completely different from the food served in most Mexican restaurants outside of Mexico, which is either Tex-Mex or based on Mexican street food.  More authentic ‘cantinas’ are opening up, serving more unusual Mexican dishes, with elaborate menus for the guacamole alone.  But there isn’t a great deal of halal options, particularly for the ‘real’ Mexican food – at least, not readily available throughout the UK.  Thankfully, it’s not too tricky to

It’s cold, grey, drizzly.  We know.  A salad sounds like a punishment.  Some kind of torture, when we could be inhaling the fragrant steam of warm soup before the first sip, or biting into a toasted sandwich… Stocking up on useful winter carbs.  But, salads aren’t just for summer, and there’s no reason they should be cold or void of carbohydrates.  The ever-versatile salad is a concept, which can be filled with anything you like.  A great way to make a winter salad is to use seasonal foods, from roasted

‘Zero waste’ sounds like a buzzword for bloggers on a quest to save the planet.  But surely efforts to reduce personal waste can only be a good thing, especially when it comes to food.  Despite its millennial terminology, a zero waste philosophy is nothing new.  The recently-opened bring-your-own containers ‘zero waste supermarket’ in Shoreditch is inspired by an old way to shop.  It’s decidedly retro and fashionable.  Zero waste has been a big food trend for 2017, along with pickled and fermented foods – things you can preserve instead of

Soft dumplings, soy sauce.  Slices of spring onions, white and green.  Pancakes, strips of seaweed.  Udon noodles, bright egg yolks.  Pumpkin porridge.  Sticky sauces and sesame seeds, white and black, dusted onto rice bowls.  What’s not to love about Korean cooking?  They say it’s healthier than Chinese, and tastier than Japanese.  Even Donald Trump, the self-confessed lover of ketchup, has been chowing down on the popular nosh during the state visit to South Korea this week, from a menu featuring a 360-year-old soy sauce… Korean restaurants are popping up all

November is all about moustaches, dark evenings, and fireworks, right?  But do you know what foods are in season this month? As Brits, polls show us we’re pretty bad at knowing what’s in season when.  Supermarkets offer us almost everything we want, all year round, so why eat seasonally at all?  There are environmental reasons to eat what’s in season (reducing the energy and associated CO2 emissions needed for transporting food, being a big one).  But perhaps the most immediate reason to is that eating seasonal foods as part of

The humble chicken is so versatile that it’s almost synonymous with food itself. Halal chicken crackles, chars under fire.  Roasts in the oven.  Spits in oil.  Boils, bubbles.  We eat it with our hands, or out of paper, or with chopsticks.  We jacket it in seeds and sauces, transforming it into a dish – real or imagined – from any country in the world. Noodle soups simmering in nighttime kitchens in Tokyo… Waffles at Spitalfields Market, promising the poetry of the Deep South… Silky dumplings arranged neatly on plates from

Steak is the pure and the unadulterated.  It’s mythologised with chips.  It’s the friend of the peppercorn, the mushroom, the Paris Café.  In the 80s, a well-done steak sat proudly between a prawn cocktail and a Black Forest gateau.  But steak knows neither time nor space.   It’s fashionable now with miso, or gaucho Chimichurri sauce.  Steak has traditionally been imagined as a masculine meal.  The ultimate meat, characterised by its weight.  The stuff of ‘Man Versus Food’.  Of course nutrient-rich steak isn’t exclusively for men, be them determined American TV

About halal biltong  High along the South African Highveld, an area of grassland, vast rock, river valleys, thorn trees and forest, biltong was dried in the cold, harsh winters.  Long drying periods made for a richer texture, fuller flavour and a darker colour.  Now biltong is often dried quickly using an oven.  Together with changes in process, biltong is finding new, modern identities, and its delicious flavour is being made more widely available.  Fortunately, as part of the broader meat snacking craze, we can now enjoy halal biltong. The name

‘Don’t play with your food’, they said, but maybe we should. Making recipes our own makes cooking more fun, and means even more halal recipes to relish. Some of us prefer to follow a recipe precisely. But maybe we can treat recipes as sources of ideas for our own creativity, as cues to what foods work together, or little slices of inspiration. There are recipes that shouldn’t be messed with, but others we’d do well to adapt: turning non halal recipes into halal recipes, changing major and minor ingredients, and/or

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