Haloodies Creations: Haloodies Tikkadillas

Haloodies Tikkadillas

Quick and easy when the clock’s tikking 

Looking for an excuse to indulge in some fiery Mexican flavour? How about simply because you Mexi-can!

We’ve taken inspiration from our succulent Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast and applied a tasty twist to an old Mexican favourite, with a little help from a trusty panini press of course. We’re calling it the Haloodies Tikkadilla – so sit back, relax and savour the flavour! 

The Shopping List

  • HALOODIES Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Sliced onion
  • Tomato salsa
  • Halal cheese (grated)
  • Fajita spice (cumin, paprika, salt pepper, garlic, chili powder)

Ready, Steady, Cluck 

Lay the tortilla flat and evenly spread your HALOODIES Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast. Coat with two-to-three dollops of tangy tomato salsa for some punch! Next, throw in some crunchy sliced onion and add a sprinkling of your favourite cheese. Spice things up a little by seasoning with a pinch of fajita spice before folding over your freshly filled tortilla. Finally, cook on the panini press until browned and serve alongside a tomato salsa dip. Add a final dusting of fajita spice to finish. Now that’s im-press-ive!


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