Haloodies Creations: Chargrilled Chicken Calzone

Chargrilled Chicken Calzone

Guaranteed to pinch a little pizza your heart

Ahh the good old pizza. It’s naughty, it’s not so healthy and why is it SO expensive? That’s if you manage to track one down in the first place – a well-made Halal pizza can be tricky to find in your average high street restaurant, but help is on hand. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a panini press!

At Haloodies, there are few things we love more than reinventing our favourite dishes. OK, we’d be lying if we said we’d created the perfect healthy pizza that will transform the world, but our Chargrilled Chicken Calzone offers a modern twist that’s packed with protein and will hopefully save you a few £s too. Incidentally, it also tastes pretty good!

The Shopping List

  • HALOODIES Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets
  • Garlic pizza bread
  • Tomato puree
  • Ground Italian herbs
  • Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese
  • Diced red onion
  • Fresh basil leaves

Ready, Steady, Cluck

Begin by spreading the tomato puree across the garlic pizza bread which will form your base. Slice your mozzarella cheese and HALOODIES Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets and distribute evenly. For an extra punch of flavour, add some diced onion and a couple of fresh basil leaves if preferred. Next, fold over the pizza bread to create your calzone and cook using a panini press until the calzone begins to brown (we’d strongly recommend enjoying the sensational sizzling sound!) Finally, cut your calzone into two halves and season with ground Italian herbs to add a touch of authenticity.


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