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Guaranteed to pinch a little pizza your heart Ahh the good old pizza. It’s naughty, it’s not so healthy and why is it SO expensive? That’s if you manage to track one down in the first place – a well-made Halal pizza can be tricky to find in your average high street restaurant, but help is on hand. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a panini press! At Haloodies, there are few things we love more than reinventing our favourite dishes. OK, we’d be lying if we

As tasty as it is toasty  The panini is undoubtedly one of the most versatile snacks available anywhere in the world. Whether you’re after a tasty winter warmer or a lightweight lunch in the sun, there are few things better than sinking your teeth into a toasted ciabatta packed with all your favourite fillings. Now, thanks to HALOODIES Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets, you can enjoy a healthy take on a lunchtime classic that tastes amazing and leaves you feeling better than ever! We’ve gone for a classic selection of mozzarella,

A lot of recipes require halal substitutions to be made, from dairy to meat. So, when those recipes also contain alcohol, which seems vital to the final dish, it can mean we cast these recipes aside in despair, or altogether avoid cuisines that don’t seem to produce a single dish without a splash of the hard stuff. This is especially true when the alcohol is obscure. Here’s our list of alternatives, to make all recipes (even a brandy trifle!) approachable… 1.White Wine A simple alternative is lemon juice, providing the

Guaranteed to put a fiery spring in your step  The sun is back and it’s time to snack! The spicy chicken wrap is a staple part of fast food menus around the world and is THE go to snack when you’re looking to counter your cravings with flavour and convenience. With our Hot ‘N’ Spicy Haloodies2Go, you can finally give up the grease and create your very own Halal taste sensations using even the most basic of ingredients that you’ll find in most fridges. We’ve gone with a flavourful garlic

1. No growth hormones Quality 100% halal meat shares its health benefits with those of organic meat. Halal is bound up with tayyib, a concept Islam takes very seriously. Tayyib, meaning ‘wholesome’, ensures animals are treated with maximum welfare. This means they should be free to graze and not be treated with antibiotics or hormones. Long-term exposure to growth hormones in our food can mean these substances accumulate in our bodies, with potential hormone-mimicking effects. While studies continue to research the full extent of the effects of these drugs on

We know Bolognese. Lasagne. Shepherd’s Pie. But here are some other ways to use minced meat from around the world. Bulk-buying halal mince is a great way to produce meals in big dishes that last longer. There are also ideas for using up left over meat if there isn’t enough to make a keema to feed the whole gang! 1. Japanese Ramen Ramen. Delicious Japanese broth. Shining from a big, dark bowl. Steam rising with the fragrance of pickled ginger. Pinks, greens, the sparkle of sesame seeds. Use halal beef

From packet to plate in under 10 minutes At the risk of sounding like we’re flogging an old cliché, it’s true that salads don’t have to be boring. Equally, healthy doesn’t have to mean unappetising and creating amazing taste doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t believe us? Why not rustle up this simple-yet-satisfying low-calorie lunch in the office and see for yourself! Warning: please be aware that you may develop serious cravings for crispy, homemade croutons coupled with succulent chicken breast after trying this dish – Haloodies accepts no responsibility

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival.  2018 is the Year of the Dog.  Those born in the Year of the Dog are thought to be loyal and honest.  It’s customary at Chinese New Year to hang red lanterns, to give money as gifts in red envelopes, and to make dumplings.  Here are some tips for making halal dumplings and other Chinese treats.  There will be large-scale Chinese New Year celebrations in London this month — the biggest outside of China — as well as in Chinatowns

We couldn’t resist talking about roses this month.  Not as a commercialised display of romantic love but as a hypnotic, intense perfume and flavour popular in many parts of the world but underused in cooking here in the UK.  There’s no denying that rose buds and petals look poetic —flush, violet and crimson on a plate — but they aren’t just decoration, or just for sweets and drinks (although we love those too!).  We hope you’ll be inspired to use roses in more halal meat dishes.  For us there’s another

Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguini, fettuccini, orecchiette, farfalle, vermicelli, orzo… Although pasta has been eaten in Europe as a staple food since the twelfth century, suddenly, fairly recently, we were warned off of it.  It would make you bloated, or worse still, fat.  But it’s about how you eat it, and how much of it you eat.  Pasta itself is low in fat and has no cholesterol.  Most pastas on the market are enriched with iron, and whole-grain varieties offer more protein, fiber and vitamins.  The key is to make

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