5 Great Approaches to Halal One-Bowl Meals to Try Now

5 Great Approaches to Halal One-Bowl Meals to Try Now

The popularity of the one-bowl meal is clear. Just log into Instagram. Try making a simple, fast, tasty & inexpensive halal one-bowl meal right now!

Hippie bowl. Buddha bowl. Rainbow veggie bowl. Nourish bowl. Macro bowl… Needless to say, eating a balanced meal from a bowl (ideally with foods arranged by colour) has become a big trend. There’s the idea that there’s something ‘magical’ about these bowls — something ‘new.’ But one-bowl meals are age-old, based on traditional ways of avoiding food wastage. They make producing evening meals easier and less expensive. It’s all about being resourceful: these dishes were designed to make ‘something out of nothing’.

Think colour. Think leftovers. Think in terms of combinations of the following:

  1. Rice, noodles or grains
  2. Halal meat, chicken or fish
  3. Vegetables and/or salad produce
  4. Herbs, seeds, nuts
  5. Consider eggs
  6. Try seaweed and pickled ginger and other vegetables
  7. Stock or broth (optional)

N.B. If you want to get the well-ordered effect (unless in a broth), separate your ingredients into neat sections in good-sizes ramen-style bowls.

  1. Rice Bowl

In Japan a rice dish called ochazuke is made from steamed rice and savory ingredients submerged (zuke) in tea (ocha). This is a quick meal, originally invented to avoid wasting rice, and is now a favourite of students. This is a real comfort food. We like the concept of blending leftover foods in a single bowl, creating something warm and hearty. Usually salmon is used along with seaweed, sesame seeds, soy, scallions, rice crackers, and green tea leaves.  You can add anything you like, and instead of tea use a halal stock. Here are some other things to try with rice (sticky rice, brown rice, long grain or whatever you have in the cupboard):

Shredded halal beef, sesame seeds, onions, pickled ginger; diced halal chicken, halved boiled egg, scallions; salmon, cherry tomatoes, avocado and seaweed; any grilled veg with pumpkin seeds and pesto; prawns, pak choi and red chili; Korean bibimbap with minced halal beef, sliced carrot and cucumber, chili and a fried egg.

Tip: try using cooked halal chicken in place of fresh, to make these meals even faster: sliced chicken, chicken breasts chicken bites, breaded or battered, delicious in broths too.

  1. Noodle Bowl

These can be salads or broths, made from any noodles you like: vermicelli, rice, egg, glass, udon, ramen, soba… Be inspired by noodles with:

Steak, chili, pak choi, oriental mushrooms (or any mushrooms you have leftover); halal chicken with lime, mint peanuts, fish sauce, red peppers and a fried egg; clear soup of halal chicken stock, halved boiled eggs, radishes or any other vegetables you have leftover fragranced with ginger, garlic, green herbs and/or lemongrass; tinned sweetcorn, peanuts, chillies and red peppers.

  1. Couscous

Use couscous to experiment with North African and Mediterranean flavours. Add a squeeze of lemon, fresh herbs and spices like sumac and cinnamon to leftover halal meat and vegetables to bring to life. Try:

Halal chicken, pomegranate seeds, coriander, courgettes; diced halal lamb, dried apricots and sweet potato; grilled aubergine, tomatoes and feta; roasted cauliflower, red onions, chickpeas and humus. 

  1. Vegetables

A vegetable base can also make a tasty, filling meal. Using a good veg or halal meat or chicken stock, add whatever leftover ingredients you have in the fridge and compliment with herbs, spices and lemon or lime juice. You can make a predominantly vegetable-based soup or chunky salad with grains like barley or quinoa or pulses on the side. You can even try small pasta shapes too. Try:

Tinned butter beans, tinned peas, red onions, fresh mint, lemon juice and lots of olive oil; broccoli, sweet potato, micro-greens, red cabbage, and mashed avocado; lentils, lime, quinoa, tahini, kale, radishes; quinoa, red-kidney beans, fresh coriander, chili, tinned pineapple and sliced avocado; orzo pasta with broad beans, and mint and pine nuts.


If you have any delicious halal one-bowl ideas, please leave us a comment below!


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