In 2011, Imran had an idea "Let’s start a Halal Food Festival!!". "Great!" said Noman, "And let’s call all the halal foodies - HALOODIES!" And so the Haloodie was born.

Great things began to happen and pretty soon it was clear that Haloodies wanted more than a festival. Haloodies wanted fresh, clean, wholesome, halal food. They wanted lean meats and a range of cuts. They wanted products to match their lifestyles and they wanted convenience.

So Noman (who gave up being a dentist) and Imran (who had been dreaming of this for decades) set out bringing Haloodies to life - the halal food brand offering fresh and wholesome foods for everyone!

We would love to hear what you think, please let us know if you love our products or have any suggestions - contact us at or send us a message via social media.

Meet Noman

Co Founder

Salaam and Hi, I'm Noman, Co Founder of Haloodies. I always thought, wouldn't it be great to have a halal food brand that only makes the best quality products? As a halal consumer, I craved quality cooked chicken products, they were available everywhere, but weren't halal. I wanted to change this. My family have been working in the halal world for about 30 years serving the Muslim community and raising the standard of halal. Being a Muslim, and wondering about my dad's halal food factory as a kid, gave me a unique perspective on the halal market so now I can bring you the best.

So I spend my time now making sure you get the best quality and range of halal products to make your life easier. Simple. Working as a dentist wasn't as fulfilling and fun as this and doing what I do now is one of the best jobs in the world. I hope you all enjoy Haloodies products as much as we enjoy putting it all together for you.

Noman Co Founder  

Meet Imran

Co Founder

Over 20 years ago, as a proud young(er) Scotsman, I used to dream of having great quality halal food available at my convenience. Access to halal meat in Glasgow (Scotland) was restricted to a few parts of the city and most butchers shops looked terrible - they certainly didn't reflect the essence of halal or the beautiful religion of Islam.

Twenty years on and after successful careers in medicine, finance and pharmaceuticals (alhumdulillah), I thought it was time to follow my heart and make my twenty year old dream come true.

Even today in 2016, the halal meat industry in the UK is shrouded in fraud, doubt and dubious standards. It often seems like a race to the bottom. Ultimately Haloodies is about raising the quality and range of halal food available to my children as well as each and every Muslim. Very soon we shall announce our new assurance programme that will explore every important element in halal food production. The values of Halal and tayyib (wholesome) are values that appeal to every ethical consumer and we uphold those values with our brand. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Haloodies Team

Here at Haloodies we work with an experienced team and suppliers who have been working in the food industry for over 20 years.Anything you want to know about meat, we can help you with. There's the guys in the factory, a bunch of lorries, thankfully a bunch of drivers, designers, and BRC AA grade facilities that are halal accredited.

Our office is always buzzing and colourful so when you need anything, our team is here to help you.