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What do you call a halal foodie? A Haloodie of course!

Haloodies is a halal food brand where the values of halal can be found in beautifully branded, conveniently packed products just for you. As the only 100% Muslim owned, halal meat brand selling fresh and cooked products, we understand that halal is more than just a logo on a pack.

Our mission is to be the most TRUSTED halal food brand. We shall achieve this by continuously improving the quality of halal products across our range, understanding our customer and actively supporting the halal philosophy.

Winner of the Spirit of Britain award at the British Muslim Awards 2017.

The Awards recognise outstanding achievements across many sectors including business, charity, sports, arts and culture. The Spirit of Britain award is given to an individual or organisation that has made a positive impact on the wider community. Haloodies is delighted with this recognition.

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We are Britain’s favourite provider of halal meat.   And there are reasons we are a cut above the rest. 

We know that the quality of the meat makes or breaks a meal: meat is the core flavour, it’s the element that decides and gives shape to the dish.  We know how much effort you put into cooking, especially after a hard day’s work.  And we know you care as much as we do about providing your family with not only tasty food, but the highest quality food too.  Quality meat tastes better, and it’s better for our health.   

Although retailers have increasingly made fresh halal meat more available since the 60s, even today, finding meat that is both 100% halal and of an excellent quality isn’t as simple as it sounds – or ought to be. Frustrated by not easily being able to find what we wanted, we made it our mission to mainstream genuine halal of unsurpassed quality throughout the country, and online.  

Haloodies is 100% Muslim-owned, and our methods involve practising Muslims at each stage of the process, including the processing and packing.  

In Britain, we have a rich and wonderful culinary culture that is expanding every day.  Food inspires how we use social media.  It inspires what we watch on television.  Pop-up restaurants and food festivals inspire what we do for fun.  Food is shifting, food cultures are continuing to merge and grow.  Food is varied and exciting, and technology has only made it easier to celebrate – to collect and share ideas and recipes.  Our love of food is what set Haloodies in motion.  It all started when we created London’s first – and the world’s biggest – halal food festival, for ‘halal foodies’.  The festival was a huge success.  It brought Muslim and non-Muslim gastronomes together, and set the Millennial Muslim in a uniquely rich culinary environment with no restrictions on what to explore.  

We then went on to pioneer the selling of fresh halal meat at Ocado, and were the first ever brand to introduce a fresh halal meat range with Harrods, for Middle Eastern visitors to London.  Since then we’ve grown and grown.  While convenience for British Muslims has always been at our heart, it was born from, and has stayed side-by-side with, a profound passion for instilling trust in our consumers.  

Our halal meat and poultry is the highest quality available.  We know all there is to know about getting a good steak, the right cut, colour and texture – we’re proud to say we’re obsessed with quality – and only use the best butchers to get our fillet and sirloin steaks.  Coming from medical backgrounds, we feel particularly strongly about the hygiene of the food we produce and sell, and any chemicals that go into them.  None of our halal meat includes any nasty (but sadly common) preservatives (E249/E250/E251/E252) unlike some of its competitors’.   Haloodies is accredited by the Halal Food Authority (HFA), an independent, voluntary nonprofit organization, and part of registered charity Halal Food Foundation (HFF), which participates in the supervision, inspection, auditing, certification, and compliance of halal principles and practices for UK food and beverages.

Needless to say, we care about the animals our halal meat and poultry comes from.  Our fresh halal meat and chicken only ever comes from farms that meet EU standards for animal welfare.  All of our cows and lambs are grazing animals.  Haloodies’ cooked halal chicken range comes from chickens fed on a vegetarian-only diet, exposed to natural light and given space to roam.  What’s more, all of the delectable ingredients found in our marinades and coatings are halal certified too. 

Our range of fresh halal meat and poultry includes everything you need for a world of meals: steaks, minced and diced meats, burgers and koftas, generous whole chickens, thighs and breasts diced and whole, and drumsticks for sharing.  Our scrumptious cooked chicken range provides prepared whole and sliced breast, breaded and flavoured with world’s most-loved marinades, from Peri-Peri and Tikka to Southern Fried and Cajun.  Our new to-go range also includes protein-rich, low-fat and low-salt snacks.

While you’re here, why not explore our growing website’s range of halal meat and chicken recipes, as well as food writing on our blog?  We hope you’ll read, enjoy and share your own thoughts and ideas with us.  

Thanks for visiting! 

Why Haloodies

  • Haloodies set up by Dr and Dentist with an aim to improve quality of halal products
  • We focus on the welfare, hygiene, ingredients and appearance of what we sell
  • We produce products to meet the convenience needs of millennial Muslims because we understand their needs
  • We are proud of and uphold the values of halal and tayyib (wholesomeness)
  • Its not about eating more, its about eating better

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