What is Halal?

What is Halal

How much do we know about halal meat?  What halal meat is, what defines and constitutes it; its status in the UK; how its methods remain traditional while falling in line with UK law; how healthy it is?  And where does tayyib come in? – that which is pure, ethical and wholesome?  The natural methods of farming and raising animals that tayyib reflects are key elements of Islamic instruction, but we typically only talk about that which is ‘halal’.  Perhaps we can come to better understand the Islamic traditions surrounding

As time goes on, there is a greater requirement for halal meat, both at supermarkets and restaurants in the UK.  It’s just as well more businesses are catching on.  Check out our infographic for stats on the current status of halal in the UK: how people eat halal, how they choose halal, and what they want to see more of when buying halal. Do you agree we need better labelling on halal foods?  When eating out at big chains, do you feel you can trust what you’re eating?  What would you like to see

It seems we live in a world where we can’t enjoy eating anything without putting a filter on it.  As halal food goes mainstream – entering the culinary space of Instagram –  how can we balance ‘food trends’ with health, without spending a fortune?  What is actually good for us?  And how do we select information we can trust, when it feels like everyone is an amateur nutritionist as well as a food photographer?  We want to know how we can eat healthy halal food without getting sucked into the

The UK’s leadingHalal food brand, Haloodies, is delighted to confirm its attendance at this year’s highly-anticipated London Halal Food Festival, where over 10,000 people are expected to attend from around the country. Haloodies has enjoyed significant levels of success through the brand’s pre-cooked 100% chicken breast products, launched a year ago and already available to purchase from supermarket giants including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Costco – whilst online retailers Ocado and AmazonFresh stock Haloodies fresh meat and poultry range. Those attending the festival will be able to sample Haloodies’ extensive

Meat snacks aren’t just for body builders.  Thanks to their host of health benefits, lean meat snacks are fast becoming the most popular way to stay fuller between meals.  Here’s why we can’t get enough of this new snacking craze, and how you can beat the blight of boring office snacks, as the halal sector gets in on the action. Halal Meat Snacking Halal food to go is hard to come by.  Meat snacks have barely registered on the halal snacking spectrum in the past, with the classic, best-known UK

I peel the top off of the foil packaging, and it’s not a Twix that bursts from the bag but a succulent piece of chicken.  I’m pleasantly surprised.  It’s just as mouth-watering, and while it’s true it can’t be dunked into a cup of tea, its taste and health benefits are worth the sacrifice.  It provides protein, and so reduces brain fog, supports muscles and bones and the absorption of important nutrients.  Protein also boosts energy levels, and blood sugar levels, avoiding sugar-induced headaches and moodiness (the last part isn’t

‘Don’t play with your food’, they said, but maybe we should. Making recipes our own makes cooking more fun, and means even more halal recipes to relish. Some of us prefer to follow a recipe precisely. But maybe we can treat recipes as sources of ideas for our own creativity, as cues to what foods work together, or little slices of inspiration. There are recipes that shouldn’t be messed with, but others we’d do well to adapt: turning non halal recipes into halal recipes, changing major and minor ingredients, and/or

The smell of fenugreek filled the air that hung thickly in the kitchen. The white ceiling lamp was reflected in the window, in which everything else had faded into the black of night. Yasmin could vaguely make out her impression in the glass. “Thanks”, she said and looked at the cook stirring the pan. It didn’t sound enough. She was more grateful than that. “Thank you,” she added, still bound by available language. “Why?” Her brother laughed into the steam which was sweetened with ghee, golden, glistening. He inhaled and

We are delighted to announce that Haloodies have won the Spirit of Britain award at the British Muslim Awards 2017. The award is made to an individual or organisation that has made a positive impact on the wider community. The fifth annual awards aim to recognise a wide range of achievements, covering various aspects of society, including business, charity, sport, arts and culture and much more. The awards will be a celebration, reflecting upon the significant role that Britain’s Muslims make to society. We are excited and honoured to receive

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