The popularity of the one-bowl meal is clear. Just log into Instagram. Try making a simple, fast, tasty & inexpensive halal one-bowl meal right now! Hippie bowl. Buddha bowl. Rainbow veggie bowl. Nourish bowl. Macro bowl… Needless to say, eating a balanced meal from a bowl (ideally with foods arranged by colour) has become a big trend. There’s the idea that there’s something ‘magical’ about these bowls — something ‘new.’ But one-bowl meals are age-old, based on traditional ways of avoiding food wastage. They make producing evening meals easier and less

Ah – dining al fresco!  Don’t miss the chance to turn a sunny afternoon into the perfect picnic. Be prepared with a host of healthy halal tasty treats — Sandwiches…  Egg mayo sandwiches… a picnic classic.  But what about a few other ideas to turn a long summer’s afternoon on the grass into a feast.  Picnics can be last-minute, effortless affairs. ‘Even sandwiches might not make an appearance’, with ready-made offerings, humus and crisps seeming to offer all we need.  But picnics can also be more like a meal — dining

There’s nothing quite like the smell of meat cooking on an open fire — but there’s nothing like burning it either! Here’s how to BBQ halal, like a boss… — Don’t skimp on meat quality Good quality meat tastes better.  Make sure the halal meat and chicken you buy is the highest quality halal available. Marinate the meat (but don’t use salt…yet) If you want your meat to be mouth-watering, marinate it the night before.  Use oil and any herbs and spices you want to bring it to life, from fresh

Quick and easy when the clock’s tikking  Looking for an excuse to indulge in some fiery Mexican flavour? How about simply because you Mexi-can! We’ve taken inspiration from our succulent Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast and applied a tasty twist to an old Mexican favourite, with a little help from a trusty panini press of course. We’re calling it the Haloodies Tikkadilla – so sit back, relax and savour the flavour!  The Shopping List HALOODIES Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast Tortilla wraps Sliced onion Tomato salsa Halal cheese (grated) Fajita spice (cumin,

From making pizzas to wrapping sushi, cooking with kids can be messy, fun & educational.  Ideally, it’ll result in a tasty halal meal for the family… …That’s where this recipe comes in, which is easy enough for the kids to help out (read their jobs in bold).  This has been adapted from a BBC Good Food recipe to make it halal, and a touch simpler, to hold littler kids’ concentration.  It makes 40 meatballs, which is enough to feed a family of four twice! You’ll need: 800g minced halal beef;

There’s no questioning our love of white rice. But grains are tasty & frugal substitutes in many halal dishes, and their use can greatly improve our health. Cooking most grains is similar to cooking rice: easy.  And, they’re cheap.  The majority of health experts agree we should eat grains everyday.  As well as being a good source of fibre, whole grains lower cholesterol and can even prevent heart attacks and strokes.  They also provide the minerals and plant hormones that reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and some cancers.  Add these grains to

Struggling with ideas for evening meals? Coming up with tasty, healthy & quick halal meals after work is no easy task! Here’s a little inspiration…  — Meal-planning means fewer trips to the shops and less money spent.  Here’s a weekly plan inspired by some of our favourite recipes, reusing certain ingredients throughout the week.  We give basic guides for making these simple, well-loved dishes, but you can consult recipes for more detail if you’d rather not improvise.  With well-stocked cupboards (of rice, lentils, ginger and garlic (pastes), onions, stock, chili,

Guaranteed to pinch a little pizza your heart Ahh the good old pizza. It’s naughty, it’s not so healthy and why is it SO expensive? That’s if you manage to track one down in the first place – a well-made Halal pizza can be tricky to find in your average high street restaurant, but help is on hand. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a panini press! At Haloodies, there are few things we love more than reinventing our favourite dishes. OK, we’d be lying if we

As tasty as it is toasty  The panini is undoubtedly one of the most versatile snacks available anywhere in the world. Whether you’re after a tasty winter warmer or a lightweight lunch in the sun, there are few things better than sinking your teeth into a toasted ciabatta packed with all your favourite fillings. Now, thanks to HALOODIES Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets, you can enjoy a healthy take on a lunchtime classic that tastes amazing and leaves you feeling better than ever! We’ve gone for a classic selection of mozzarella,

A lot of recipes require halal substitutions to be made, from dairy to meat. So, when those recipes also contain alcohol, which seems vital to the final dish, it can mean we cast these recipes aside in despair, or altogether avoid cuisines that don’t seem to produce a single dish without a splash of the hard stuff. This is especially true when the alcohol is obscure. Here’s our list of alternatives, to make all recipes (even a brandy trifle!) approachable… 1.White Wine A simple alternative is lemon juice, providing the

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